Referring candidates for internal postings

You should use these instructions if you as an H&M group employee want to recommend someone you know that you see as a fit for a current position. It could be an external candidate as well as an H&M group employee who has no possibility to apply on an internal job posting. Your input will be highly valued so try to be as objective and specific as possible; that will make it easier to validate your feedback as one part of the overall evaluation of the candidate.

Below information should be sent by email to the responsible Hiring Manager or HR for the position which you would like to recommend a candidate.

Basic Information
The following basic information needs to be added in the email:

• Your name and contact info
• Name and e-mail of the candidate you want to recommend
• Posting ID of the position the candidate would be a fit for

Additional information
You should also define your relationship with the candidate. Enter one or several alternatives.

• Worked together
• Studied together
• Close friend
• Relative
• Other, what?

Please give us your opinion about the personality of the candidate related to H&M groups values. Please, explain further…

Specific information
Send a CV from the candidate along with that form so that the Hiring Manager for the position in question can take a decision if this candidate gets taken into account for that opening or not.

Your suggestion or recommendation will guarantee that the application is given extra attention during the screening phase of the recruitment. However, the candidate will always be evaluated in relation to the demands of the position and the competition of other applicants.

Thank you for contributing to a successful recruitment!

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