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About us (Work at Monki)

We’re a fashion brand that believes in being kind to the world, and empowering the young people in it. If you think the same way, then you’re already part of our team. Bringing our blend of Scandi-cool and Asian street style, our designers have stayed on the pulse of interesting trends and personal inspiration since 2006.

Through our love of storytelling and celebration of personal style, we aim to build a culture that is friendly, open and stimulating. At the core of our brand values, is our mission to inspire our staff (and customers) to express and feel great about themselves. From our stores to our offices, we want our community and employees to feel safe to be themselves, exactly how they are. 

Our stores

Stepping into a Monki store is like walking into another world; with emerging shapes and shimmering interior features. You can expect to find a lot of disco-balls, and a wonderful team of happy store staff. We want customers to feel part of a dynamic street market – where they can hang out, get inspiration and find their new favourite piece.

If you’re applying for a position as a sales advisor, store manager or as one of our visual merchandisers, you’ll be part of creating and bringing the full #monkistyle experience to life. Your positive energy and fashion knowledge will instantly put customers at ease, and enable you to build a strong connection together. We have over 120 concept stores around the world, in 16 different markets- you’d fit right in.

Our offices

Our Head Office is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. That’s where you’ll find our Design and Buying department, as well as the department of Sales, Brand and Marketing, Visuals, Online, PR, CSR and HR.

We also have an office in Stockholm, Sweden, where our Store Concept team sits – as well as parts of the Brand and Marketing department. Globally, Monki has offices and area teams in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Berlin, Moscow, Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

We’re a tight-knit, international team of fashion-pros, internet genius’, tech nerds and modern-day poets. We’re constantly in need of more people with different interests, personalities and skills to strengthen our team. 

Our LGBTQ certification

In 2018, our Head Office became LGBTQ certified by RFSL, the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights. Founded in 1950, the non-profit organisation is internationally recognised, and works on projects to support LGBTQ rights across the world.

We’re a tight-knit tribe of fashion lovers who believe in dressing how we want and loving who we want - while empowering each other (and ourselves). Start with feeding your #monkistyle obsession by visiting one of our stores.

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